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Group 3

About us

The GV Health Foundation is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of residents across the Goulburn Valley region. By fundraising for GV Health, we support a range of healthcare services that promote individual, family, and community health and wellbeing. Our efforts connect people and organisations, support the local economy, and provide comfort and safety to create a sustainable, cohesive, and liveable community for all.

GV Health Foundation was established in 1989, following a successful campaign to raise funds to build a new children’s ward at GV Health.

In 2010 the Foundation Board of Trustees resolved to broaden its support for all the clinical, community services and programs provided by the hospital. The Foundation was relaunched as the GV Health Foundation.

In 2011 the Foundation successfully conducted a $1.3 million public appeal for the new oncology unit at GV Health.

Supported by community groups, service clubs, philanthropic organisations, trusts, volunteers, and individual community members, our goal is to foster a flourishing Goulburn Valley community with optimal health and wellbeing. Our vision for achieving this involves providing equitable access to high-quality healthcare that is culturally safe, approachable, and accessible, with a community-driven and person-centred approach that integrates primary health care with hospitals, aged care, disability care, and social care systems.

The communities GV Health serves come from a large part of northern and central Victoria. Our efforts are underpinned by a cross-disciplinary, socio-economic and environmental understanding of health, which takes into account the fact that Greater Shepparton has 11% of people born in non-English speaking countries (twice the rate of rural Victoria) and 3.8% First Nations’ peoples, also more than twice the rate for rural Victoria (and the largest regional population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Victoria).

The Foundation invests in local solutions that improve the health of individuals and populations, reduce reliance on and expenditure in secondary and tertiary care, and promote social justice and equity, leading to improved social and economic prosperity.

To enable all this to happen, the GV Health Foundation acts as an interface between the community and GV Health and its health service to ensure that health care priorities meet immediate and long-term population health needs, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Our focus is on equity, access, enhancing individual and community control over health and wellbeing, community self-determination, and intersectoral collaboration.